Summer Programming

Join in on the summer fun

Jamestown offers two sports camps, Summer Playhouse and Summer Voyage. Summer Playhouse is for rising Kindergartens' through rising 5th graders, and Summer Voyage is for rising 6th graders through rising 9th graders. Sports camp is integrated through both camps.

Each summer there is a theme that the youth determine.

In Summer Playhouse, there is a morning academic component, with an emphasis on biliteracy in English and Spanish, and math. The afternoon component focuses on skill building, and youth will work on arts and crafts, science, theater, dance, cooking, and media. 

In Summer Voyage, the program focuses on youth leadership, collaboration, and decision-making skills. Youth lead the summer (under supervision, of course!), plan curriculum, manage budgets, go on field trips, present at a summer showcase, and go on an optional 3-day camping trip. 

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