Counseling and Prevention Services

Counseling and Prevention Services provide an open support forum for students to voice their personal, academic, and social concerns in a safe environment.


Treehouse Peer Support Program

The mission of Jamestown’s Treehouse Peer Support Program, is to serve as a resource of support and shared experiences to empower young people, as they acquire life skills and successfully transition into adulthood.

Treehouse offers weekly age and gender-specific social support groups to youth, grades 3 through 12. We work with school social workers, counselors and teachers to identify youth who will benefit from extra behavioral, social and/or emotional support. Groups offer a safe place to share, build meaningful relationships, learn social skills and build emotional support between peers, by re-creating a family style dinner and a guided conversation facilitated by a trusted and trained adult. 

Our Treehouse program works through topics such as relationship building, family, masculinity, confidence, gender, empowerment, emotional awareness, accountability, friendship, relationships, stress management, safety, self-esteem, sex, building trust, love, confidence, and self care. 

Have questions? Please contact Melissa van Gelder, Counseling and Prevention Services Programs Manager, by email at or by phone at (415)647-4709 ext. 116.