Carnaval is Here!

Loco Bloco’s annual Carnaval contingent brings together over 300 youth, families and community artists to present spectacular original Afro-Latino music and dance compositions and stunning visuals at the Carnaval San Francisco parade and festival. Loco Bloco’s Carnaval program is committed to passing on the cultural, artistic and activist traditions of Carnaval SF to our community’s youth to ensure that this vital event is available and accessible to all future generations.

 Our contingent is regularly honored with awards by Carnaval SF, including our most recent award of 1st Place Overall for Carnaval 2018.

Carnaval Flyer English / Spanish

Click Here to Print, Sign and Send Your Carnaval Participation Permission and Waiver Form.

Costume Scholarship Request Form English / Spanish

Carnaval FAQs


  • Who can register for Loco Bloco Carnaval?

    • Youth ages 3 - 24 years old

    • Adult family members of youth participants

    • Jamestown/Loco Bloco staff & staff/teachers of any Loco Bloco partner sites/schools

  • How do I register myself or my child for Loco Bloco Carnaval?

    • All registration must be done in-person, on site at:

      • Monday rehearsals at Brava Theater 2781 24th st/York St, 5pm-8pm

      • Saturday rehearsals at James Lick MS 1220 Noe St, 10:30am-1:30pm

    • All students under 18 years old must have a parent/guardian complete their registration form

  • How much does it cost to join Loco Bloco Carnaval?

    • There are 2 costs for students to join LB Carnaval:

  1. A $25 per family registration fee:

    1. $25 PER FAMILY PER YEAR - no matter how many kids/programs they are enrolling it is still just $25 per calendar year. If they have already paid for being enrolled at a Jamestown site for the regular school year or Ensemble or any other program then they don’t have to pay again. If they already paid for one child, they don’t have to pay again for a second child.

  2. A costume fee:

    1. Bloquitos - $50

    2. Pocos - $50

    3. Stilters - $60

    4. Teen/Adult - $80

    • Families in need of financial assistance may apply scholarship for their costumes (75%, 50% & 25% scholarships will be awarded to families with demonstrated need).  Scholarship applications are available at the registration table

    • All students must register/pay in person - adult must fill out registration on site

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    • Credit card, check, cash

  • When and where can I pay for my fees?

    • Monday rehearsals at Brava Theater 2781 24th st/York St, 5pm-8pm

    • Saturday rehearsals at James Lick MS 1220 Noe St, 10:30am-1:30pm

  • What important deadlines should I know about?

    • Last day to register and pay registration fees is April 20th, 2019

    • Last day to order costumes and pay is April 20th, 2019

  • What are the age restrictions for each class?

    • Bloquitos - 3-5 y/o

    • Pocos - 6-10 y/o

    • Teen/Adult - 11-24 y/o, adult family members are welcome to participate if registering a student

    • Stilters - 9-24 y/o

  • What is the capacity for each class?

    • Bloquitos - 20

    • Pocos - 30

    • Stilters - 25

    • Teen/Adult - No Capacity

  • Is there a waitlist if the class fills up?

    • The classes that have capacities do have waitlists available that you can register for at the registration desk. You will be notified by staff if a space becomes available in your chosen class.

  • What is your attendance/tardy policy?

    • To get the most out of practice, we need folks ready to engage in class by 11am. Anyone who shows up after 11:15am is subject to being turned away and counted as absent.

    • Everyone is allowed up to 2 absences for Saturday rehearsals, after which it is up to the discretion of the teacher as to whether you can continue in the class. Families can come to us to communicate about any special/extenuating circumstances that may contribute to absences which we will take into consideration before dropping students from class.

    • If a participant is unable to keep up with the Saturday attendance requirements, they are able to join our Spirit section in the parade instead.

  • How do I sign my child/myself in/out of class?

    • Please sign yourself/your child in with your class Teaching Artist or Teaching Artist in Training (this means filling out the sign in sheet, not just verbal/visual communication)

    • Cut off for tardiness - You must sign in no later than 11:15am (class begins at 11:00am) to be counted as present. If you have previously communicated and arranged with your Teaching Artist for an excused absence then it will not count towards your absences.

    • Leaving by themselves - When signing out, anyone under 17 years old must be signed out (in person) by their guardian unless permission is given otherwise (on registration). Anyone 18 years old and over can sign themselves out.


  • What is the daily rehearsal schedule for Saturdays?

    • 10am- Gates open, parking open

    • 10:30am- 1:30pm- Registration table open

    • 11am-11:15am- Class/warm up

    • 11:15am- Gates close, parking closed

    • 11am-12pm- Bloquitos class

    • 11am-1pm- Poco, Stilter, Teen/Adult classes

  • When will there be costume workshops that I can decorate/personalize my costume at?

    • Monday 4/8 @ Brava Theater 5-8pm

    • Monday 4/22 @ Brava Theater 5-8pm

    • Saturday 4/27 @ James Lick 11-1pm

    • Saturday 5/4 @ James Lick 11-1pm

    • Monday 5/13 @ Brava Theater 5-8pm

    • Monday 5/20 @ Brava Theater 5-8pm

  • After my volunteer application is accepted, when can I attend a volunteer orientation?

    • Saturday 4/20 @ James Lick 11-12pm

    • Saturday 5/4 @ James Lick 11-12pm

    • Saturday 5/18 @ James Lick 11-12pm

  • When could I try a new class or get extra rehearsal time?

    • Monday night community classes - Every Monday @ Brava Theater 5-6:15pm (Teen/Adult Dance and Bateria only)


  • How do I become an official volunteer for Loco Bloco?

    • All volunteers must follow these steps:

      • Fill out a volunteer application online here

      • The volunteer coordinator will review your application and contact you regarding acceptance into the volunteer program

      • Upon acceptance, attend a volunteer orientation (see schedule section for volunteer orientation dates)

      • Sign up for a specific volunteer role


  • How much are the costumes fees?

    • Bloquitos - $50

    • Pocos - $50

    • Stilters - $60

    • Teen/Adult - $80

  • How do I place my order for my costume?

    • Volunteers will be going into classes on Saturdays to take costume measurements for each participant

  • What is the deadline to order and pay for my costume?

    • Must have order placed and be paid in full or scholarship form turned in by 4/20

  • When will costumes be distributed?

    • Distribution date - Saturday 5/11 @ James Lick MS during rehearsal

Parade day/performances

  • What is the schedule for the weekend of carnaval?

    • Schedule of festival stage show and parade day/location is TBD - info sheet will be released later on in season

  • Where will the after parade luncheon be?

    • Directly after the parade we will have our luncheon at the Mission Language and Vocational School (MLVS) again at 2929 19th St btwn Florida and Alabama

  • My child is a Bloquito. Can I or do I need to be in the parade with them?

    • At least one adult per Bloquito has to parade in our spirit section that walks directly behind them

  • I’m not in a class but I would like to parade with Loco Bloco. Is this possible?

    • Yes! You can parade with us in the spirit section or in a specific volunteer role that was assigned to you by the volunteer coordinator (see volunteer section above)


  • How can I stay up to date on everything related to Loco Bloco Carnaval?

    • A weekly newsletter will be sent out to all registered participants and their families with updated information on everything to do with Carnaval - if you are registered and have not received an email within the first week, please either email audre@locobloco.org or go to the registration table to confirm your email address is correct on your registration

  • Will I be able to contact teaching artist about my/my child’s class?

    • Teaching Artists will make intro phones calls home to initiate communication and will also have their own section in the newsletter to communicate class specifics

    • You can email the teaching artists regarding absences/tardies