Booking Loco Bloco

To Request a Performance, Please Complete the Form Below

Performance Request Form

Booking Procedures

  1. Complete an Online Performance Request Form

  2. Receive an email within 1 business day confirming receipt of your performance request

  3. LB staff reviews booking requests during weekly staff meetings on Tuesdays (staff meetings may be delayed as a result of holidays or organizational events)

  4. Following LB staff review of booking request client will receive an email accepting or declining the show request within 2 weeks of receiving completed booking request form

2nd Annual ReclaMisión: A Community Dia de los Muertos Celebration

How Does Loco Bloco Review Show Requests?

LB runs a variety of arts and youth development programs throughout the year and as a small organization with only 5 staff members we do not have the capacity to accept all of our show requests.  While we wish we could support all of the important events we get asked to perform, we simply do not have the capacity or availability to participate in all the activities happening in our communities.
Due to the fact that we are a ensemble of youth/transitional aged performers, LB is routinely unable to accept shows during the school day or with less than two weeks notice

How a show request is reviewed:

  • Availability

  • Pay

  • connection to Loco Bloco’s Mission Statement

  • Opportunity for youth ensemble

  • Exposure