Jamestown Givers Group

Welcome, and thank you for your consistent support of the Jamestown Community Center. As a monthly giver, you are automatically eligible to join the Jamestown Givers Group. This program is designed to create a space for monthly donors to be recognized and acknowledged for their generous contributions. As a consistent supporter of our work, Jamestown considers you part of our extended familia, and as such would like to like to provide you with special treatment close family members deserve.  As part of *INSERT NAME* you will have access to exclusive Jamestown content and be the first to know of our upcoming events and initiatives.


Giving Group Benefits

Here are a just few of the exclusive privileges you receive for supporting our work every month:

  • Invitations to Jamestown Council events

  • “VIP” access for community events

  • Guest Visit to Jamestown Program Sites

  • Appreciate posts on Social Media/Newsletter

  • Jamestown / Loco Boco Merch

  • Gifted Student Artwork