Jamestown's team sports and afterschool recreation programs teach sports skills, healthy exercise habits, confidence, teamwork, and leadership.  

In addition to structured afterschool recreation classes, Jamestown has 14 boys and 4 girls soccer teams.  In collaboration with other community-based agencies, Jamestown organizes the Girls Got Goals soccer tournament for middle school girls.  Currently, all teams have 12-16 players, practice 1-2 times per week, and participate in 10 games each season, with teams playing three to four seasons each year.  

In addition to regular practices, Jamestown hosts at least two forums per season, on age-appropriative subjects such as healthy lifestyle choices or sportsmanship and teamwork.  The organized sports teams serve a total of 330 youth each year.

All of our soccer coaches are volunteers, with the majority of them being parents.  The coaches stay with their teams year after year, in order to cement relationships and help our youth stay involved.  Our coaches volunteer nearly 2,000 hours per year.

Our goals include piloting a program to infuse literacy skills into sports through journaling, brain games, and utilizing the Youth Program Quality Assessment (YQPA) to measure program success and coaching needs.  

Jamestown is also proud to announce that our program has received national recognition with a grant from the US Soccer Foundation.

Jamestown Coaching Staff