Sports Policies

Playing Time, Residency, Scholarships & Fees, Guest Players

The following are policies in place for fun, safety, and enjoyment of the game by all players and their families.  

Jamestown Soccer for All Playing Time

Jamestown offers year-around recreational and competitive level soccer to youth ages 5-17. The program uses a youth development model with five key supports: Safety, relationship building, skill building, youth and community involvement. Jamestown aims to provide youth the opportunity to be active on a soccer team, expose them to healthier relationships, build self-confidence and learn the importance of teamwork.

It’s vital to our programs that youth are given the opportunity to showcase their development through their participation in games. Program playing time varies at each program level however, all Jamestown coaches are strongly encouraged to allow all their players to participate in games as much as possible.

Below is the breakdown by program:

Recreational teams: Minimum of 50% of each game.

Upper House (Formally Prep) teams: Minimum 40% of each game.

Competitive teams: Minimum 30% of each game.

*Playing time can be affected by practice attendance and youth behavior.*


Jamestown Soccer for All SF Residency requirements for Competitive teams (CCSL, NorCal)

Jamestown Soccer for All SF Residency requirements for Competitive teams (CCSL, NorCal)

As stated in SFRPD rules for acquiring fields for practices and games:

All travel teams must provide proof of SF residency for all players on its roster.

Number of Nonresidents: A travel team may not have more than 2 nonresidents on a team for ages up to 8th grade and 3 nonresidents for older teams AND

Evidence of Residency: Each travel team will need to present a folder to SFRPD with residency information for each of its players that is not more than 12 months old.

The best and clearest way to establish San Francisco residency for a player is an official communication for the child’s school to the child or child’s parent showing the child’s address and name. Examples include:

  • Notice of enrollment

  • Report Card

  • School Bill

If the other are not available - you must provide 3 of the following (no more than one from any category):

  • Driver’s license

  • Voter’s registration

  • School records

  • Welfare/child care records

  • Federal records

  • State records

  • Local (municipal) records

  • Support payment records

  • Medical records

  • Military records

  • Internet or cable records


Jamestown Soccer for All Scholarship Policy

Jamestown offers 50% scholarships to all youth that qualify for free and/or reduced lunch or whose income falls below the Tier 1 income limit (please review document). Additionally to providing documentation for a scholarship, families must not be in bad standing with Jamestown (Outstanding balance from previous soccer year or Jamestown afterschool program, poor attendance at games and practices).

All youth whose parents coach one or more of our soccer teams are given a full scholarship to play. Families must provide documentation at the start of registration to apply for a scholarship. We currently accept most recent taxes filed or a copy of their free or reduced lunch letter given by SFUSD. Families can apply for a scholarship at the beginning of their registration with Jamestown. Jamestown does not limit the number of scholarships they provide.

A family who registers on a Jamestown team must commit to playing on the team for the entire soccer year (August 2018-July 2019). If at any moment a family wants to transfer to another team and/or quit a team, their scholarship is revoked and the remaining balance is due. Jamestown offers payment plans for families that cannot pay in full. Payment plans are set up at the discretion between the Sports Director, Program Coordinator and family.


Jamestown Soccer for All Guest Player Policy

Jamestown adopts the Guest player policy as it pertains to each league. Currently Recreational teams are allowed guest players as long as they are within the “SFYS” Rec program. Guest players must be pre-authorized to appear within digital game card/game day rosters. Upper House/Prep teams are not allowed guest players.  Competitive teams are allowed guest players throughout their season given that the guest player: currently participates in the same playing league, has a physical pass, and falls within the same age group as the team they are guest playing for. The number of guest players a team can have varies by season.