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Beacons and Afterschool

The Jamestown Community Center and its partnering schools proudly joined the San Francisco Beacon Initiative in 2018. Beacon Centers focus on bridging the gap between students, parents and their communities by bringing additional enrichment programs directly to school sites.

Beacon Centers transform public schools into places where children, youth, parents and community members engage in positive, educational, enriching and healthy activities during school hours and beyond. These activities not only supplement the school day but nurture the skills necessary for students to succeed both personally and academically. The goal is to close the gap between school and community needs through strong partnerships, ensuring more resources are available and services are better coordinated to achieve positive outcomes for our youth, families and communities. 

Beacon Services Include:

  • Phoenix Risers: Morning care

  • Academic Success Coaches: Tutoring in needed academic focus

  • After-School Enrichment: Cooking, STEAM, dance, physical recreation

  • Loco Bloco: Afro-Latino performance art classes

  • Girls Got Goals: Girls soccer programs for grades 5-8

  • Treehouse and Linked Day: Student peer support group, behavior health and wellness

  • Summer and Vacation Camps (Fall, Winter, Spring)

  • Family/Community Events: Spring Family Resource Fair, Carnaval, ReclaMisión, etc.

  • Family Support Workshops: child development, financial capability, leadership development and diverse engagement

  • Case Management, referrals and sign-up support for community and health services

  • CASA by Unidos US

  • CASA Code by Unidos US

Learn more about the San Francisco Beacon Initiative here.

Meet our Beacon Teams: