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 Jamestown leadership staff. From left to right,  standing:  Jessica Linares, Nancy Hernandez, Saul Anaya, Evelyn Davison, Abigail Hernandez, Melissa van Gelder, Nadia Conrad, Gabriela Amezquita, Alberto Martinez, Katie Garcia, Santiago Lopez, Jonathan Schulz.  Seated:  Myrna Melgar, Alma Herrera Pazmiño, Ariel Esqueda, Rosi Bustamante, Gerardo Hernandez, Nelly Sapinski.

Jamestown leadership staff. From left to right, standing: Jessica Linares, Nancy Hernandez, Saul Anaya, Evelyn Davison, Abigail Hernandez, Melissa van Gelder, Nadia Conrad, Gabriela Amezquita, Alberto Martinez, Katie Garcia, Santiago Lopez, Jonathan Schulz. Seated: Myrna Melgar, Alma Herrera Pazmiño, Ariel Esqueda, Rosi Bustamante, Gerardo Hernandez, Nelly Sapinski.


Myrna Melgar

executive director

Myrna Melgar is the Executive Director of the Jamestown Community Center. Prior to her work at Jamestown, Myrna was the Deputy Director of the Mission Economic Development Agency, another Mission District nonprofit providing asset building and financial services to low income Latino families. She was the Director of Homeownership Programs at the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing during the Newsom administration.  Myrna also served three terms in the City's Building Inspection Commission, and also as President of the commission's Board of Appeals. She is a current member of the Assembly of the Jewish Community Relations Council, and the Executive Board of the Latino Democratic Club. Myrna is currently the Vice President of the San Francisco City Planning Commission, appointed by President of the Board of Supervisors London Breed.

Myrna immigrated to the Mission District as a teenager with her family during the 1980's from El Salvador, during that country's civil war.  She attended San Francisco State University, and then obtained a Master's Degree in Urban Planning with a concentration in housing development from Columbia University in the City of New York.  She lives in San Francisco with her husband and three daughters. 



Nelly Sapinski

deputy director

In June 2015, Nelly Sapinski joined Jamestown as Deputy Director.  She guides program development, evaluation, and supports strategic initiatives.  She is thrilled to work at Jamestown supporting families and youth in the community.  Nelly holds a Master's from Harvard and began her career as a classroom teacher.



Ariel Esqueda

sports director

I've been working at Jamestown for 9 years as a staff member. Not only does Jamestown provide high quality programming for our youth and families, but it is an organization that helps staff grow professionally.  I enjoy my position as Sports Director because it blends two of my favorite things: the love for sports, and giving back to the community.



Santiago López

Human Resources & Operations Manager

I love working at Jamestown because I know that my job is tied to a great organization that is supporting the community that I have grown up in. I see how the organization is able to attract talented staff members who are committed to doing everything they can to help the youth and families that are served. 

I have been with Jamestown since 2010.



Jessica Linares

Director of Afterschool and Summer Programs

I have been with Jamestown since 2001, and as a staff member since 2004. I love being able to build relationships with youth and staff.



Rosi Bustamante

Director of Development

With a background in nonprofit entrepreneurship and leadership, Rosi Bustamante is a bilingual and bicultural Latina professional specializing in fundraising, startups and organizational development. Growing up in Tijuana, Mexico, she fell in love with volunteerism as a strategy to create effective change and obtained her Master’s Degree in nonprofit management. Since 2012, she has specialized in fundraising for small organizations and Latino groups, as well as board development. She loves nature, healing herbs, and lives and plays in the San Francisco Mission District with her husband and two sons.


Rosi perfil 1 copy.jpg

Evelyn Davison

Finance Director

I love working at Jamestown because it allows me to help make a difference in a child's life.  In my role, I help sustain a vital organization where children thrive, develop their sense of self, and confidence. 

I have been working with Jamestown and Loco Bloco for 5 years.



Nadia Conrad

Teen Programs Coordinator

I love working at Jamestown because it feels great to be part of an organization that provides a safe space for youth to build strong relationships with their peers and adults. Jamestown is an important part of the community because we allow youth to discover ways to give back to their community by becoming youth developers for the youth they once were.

I have been with Jamestown since 2014, and have helped redesign the Youth Apprenticeship Program (YAP).  

In my spare time, I am the President of the SF District 11 Democratic Club. I was born and raised in San Francisco, and currently live in the Excelsior with my father, fiancé, god-daughter, dog and cat.



Saul Anaya

Site Manager at Cesar Chavez Elementary School

He is a native of San Francisco who was raised in the Mission District. He has attended both public and private schools in San Francisco and attended San Francisco State University. He continues to live and work in the Mission District, and has a deep passion and connection with his community.

Saul Anaya is the Lead Elementary Site Manager for Jamestown and is stationed at Cesar Chavez Elementary. He has been with the organization for eleven years and has been at Cesar Chavez Elementary for twenty-two years.

He is committed to continue working with youth and families, and has been able to sustain relationships with the youth that have moved on to other stages of their development. For those who have had the opportunity to volunteer and/or work with him, side by side, have been able to build on their fortes. Some are still currently working for the organization.




Katie Garcia

Office manager

I have been a part of Jamestown since I was in 6th grade! I played soccer throughout the seasons for six consecutive years. I was the Assistant Site Coordinator at Cesar Chavez, and now I work as the Office Manager at the administrative office. I look forward to coming into work and seeing the staff and kids. They always know how to brighten my day!



Gerardo Hernandez

Soccer program coordinator

Jamestown has always been a special place in my life.  While I did not grow up being a part of the Jamestown family - like so many of my colleagues - my adult life has been all Jamestown.   In 2007, at 18, I began working as a tutor while in college.  Then I taught with our great Summer Voyage program.  Today, I am part of the Sports Department, which has experienced a massive spike in the number of participants over the past 2 years.  We serve so many families who, without Jamestown, could never play, and that is one of the best feelings in the world.  I earned a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Child and Youth Studies from USF.



Nancy Hernandez

Site Manager at Buena Vista Horace Mann

I have been working with Jamestown for 10 years now. I love my job because I enjoy working with youth and seeing them grow up. I know that aside from family, Jamestown staff help youth achieve their goals. I love hearing youth say that they want to grow up and work for Jamestown!



Melissa van Gelder

Counseling and prevention services programs manager

Melissa has been working in youth development in the Mission for five years, most recently as a site manager at Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8. 

A San Francisco native, she earned her B.A. in Women's Studies from UCLA and has completed educator training programs with Mindful Schools and Breathe For Change. She holds a RYT-200 teaching certificate with Yoga Alliance.



Gabriela Amezquita

phoenix risers program manager

I’ve been with Jamestown for three years initially starting here doing my Volunteer work while I was studying for my BA degree. I’ve loved every minute, being able to work and engage with young people and support them. My passion for youth work fuels from previous experiences with faith based youth organizations.

Working with youth and community values and principles have always been at the core of my work with young people, and Jamestown has always encouraged and supported me in the work that I do.


Jonathan Schulz

Site manager at James Lick Middle School, Noe Valley

I was a participant from 2000-2003 and then began working with Jamestown in 2005.  I love working with Jamestown because growing up, I realized just how many resources myself and those around me needed.  Jamestown gives me the ability to give back to my community and help them in ways that I wish I could have experienced growing up. 



Alberto Martinez

Site Manager at longfellow elementary school



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