Loco Bloco Presents - Back Of The Bus: A 14-Mission Love Story

Loco Bloco is looking forward to a wonderful ride this year after taking home the First Place Overall prize in 2018’s Carnaval San Francisco -- Loco Bloco and The Jamestown Community Center are proud to announce our 2019 theme, BACK OF THE BUS: A 14-Mission Love Story.

We’re taking a trip down memory lane, back to the early Mission days and that one ride we always could depend on: the 14-Mission bus. Back to the days of bumping beats on a ghetto blaster and throwing a freestyle way in the back, we'll bring together the years of memories through hip hop, drumming and familiar recorded samples that are sure to evoke a sense of nostalgia.


This theme, selected by our Youth Artivists, celebrates the youth, families and laborers whose method of migration through the City is the 14-Mission bus. We honor their perseverance to maintain a tight grip and keep their feet firmly balanced as they roll through a city rapidly changing around them. The back of the bus has formed communities, birthed movements and inspired music and art. It has become a symbol for resistance and solidarity.

As an organization, we are excited to bring this time capsule to life with our amazing community of families and students from our after school program. Every year our contingent team of families, artivists and community members come together to create new memories as we celebrate past ones made in the Back Of The Bus. Please join us!

*Rehearsals for our Main Bateria & Dance sections begin Monday Jan 7, 5pm-6:15pm at Brava Theater - For Ages 11-24
*Registration for our Full Contingent (ages 3-24 & families) begins Sat., March 23 at our Orientation & Resource Fair at James Lick Middle School

Please spread the word & join us in getting down in the streets of La Misión. Join the contingent and come to our rehearsals!
Artwork by the Mission’s own @chrystianguillermo