Jamestown Goes Back to School

Q. Do you know how bees get to school?


On the school buzz!

No joke, the 2019-20 school year is here! After a summer of play, resting, eating healthy, and getting lots of outdoor time, our students are ready for an awesome year ahead. We’re buzzing with excitement looking ahead at three new programs, celebrating new staff at our sites and a must-go-to Loco Bloco event!

Thanks to funding from our affiliation with UnidosUS, we are rolling out three new programs for middle and high school students: CASA Code, CASA, and Escalera. Jamestown is one out of three organizations in San Francisco affiliated with UnisdosUS, the biggest organization in the country working hard to address Latinx issues.

CASA Code is designed to introduce middle schoolers to computer science and coding as a means of helping to bridge the diversity gap that exists in the tech sector. Latinxs in the United States represent nearly 20% of workers, yet only hold 7% of growing STEM jobs and only 6% of science and engineering jobs. CASA Code will provide middle school youth with hands-on computer science and coding experience in Spanish while including parents in the process of learning about academic and career trajectories in the computer science field. The program will develop students' leadership skills, cultivate a culture of service to the community and encourage students to apply what they learn to the challenges they see in their surroundings.

CASA by UnidosUS, also for middle school, increases self-confidence and cultural awareness. The program is designed to increase academic engagement while expanding global and community awareness. Practical skills in civic engagement and college and career-ready skills are other core elements of the curriculum.

Escalera by UnidosUS, is for high school students between the ages of 16 and 18. Students cultivate economic mobility readiness, college and career readiness, and technology leadership. This program also pushes life skills, financial capability, leadership, and workforce skills. Instructors work with other UnidosUS affiliates (for more affiliate info click here), community-based organizations and nonprofits to create opportunities for the youth.

Liliana Santos, Beacon Director at Chavez

Liliana Santos, Beacon Director at Chavez

Selene Coss, Extended Learning Manager at Chavez

Selene Coss, Extended Learning Manager at Chavez

Gibran Gonzalez, Youth Workforce Manager,

Gibran Gonzalez, Youth Workforce Manager,

This year we welcome new leadership staff at our Cesar Chavez Beacon! Liliana Santos, our new Beacon Director, has coordinated family supports and resources in previous roles. and has been teaching with Jamestown for the past seven years. She’s excited about continuing to build relationships and community with students and families.

Jamestown also welcomes new Youth Workforce Manager, Gibran Gonzalez, who will be working with the youth workforce team. Gibran has been involved with Jamestown since he was nine, and previously worked as a YAPster and Program Assistant at Chavez Elementary.


Loco Bloco is throwing its annual Blocura gala! This (Fun)draiser will take place on October 18th at El Patio Español, featuring live performances from the Loco Bloco Ensemble, an art auction featuring work from some of San Francisco’s premier artists, and Spanish cuisine. All of the funds raised will go directly to Loco Bloco arts programming, paying teaching artists, buying music and art supplies, and providing development for young adults involved in the Teaching Artists in Training Program.

For more information, visit Jamestownsf.org/blocura or contact christianmb@jamestownsf.org to discuss branding and sponsorship opportunities.

We look forward to an awesome school year and sharing our programming with you in upcoming newsletters ahead.

See the video below for a quick summer recap if you haven’t seen it already!

Caroline Turner